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Global Recycling Day

Monday marks Global Recycling Day, an event highlighting the importance of recycling and the consequences for the planet if we don’t recycle. The theme for this year is #RecyclingHeroes. This theme recognizes the people, places and activities that showcase how recycling contributes to an environmentally stable planet.


The mission of Global Recycling Day

There are two main goals set out by the Global Recycling Foundation. The first is to tell world leaders that recycling is a global issue and one that has potential to cause global impacts.

The second is to engage people around the globe to think about the resources they use and to consider how they can be preserved and used more than once instead of turning them to waste.  


Ways you can get involved in this day

If you are someone who cares about recycling and might not know about how to help and get involved, there are a number of ways that you can do this.

  • Learn to clean and sort your recycling properly – Making sure that you understand how to recycle properly will make a bigger impact and will be much better for the environment.
  • Educating friends and family – If you have friends and family that may not know how to recycle properly, then educating them about recycling and what impact it has will help a lot.
  • Reduce the need to recycle - Zero waste shops are a great way to cut down the number of materials and resources we consume and reduces waste at the point of generation.
  • Recycle Now – This website here can be used to know what items you have and if they can be recycled or not. It will also give you close locations to where those items can be recycled.
  • Having recycling bins nearby – Having recycling bins close-by will definitely encourage you more to recycle as well as other people around you.


Recycling in Surrey

Surrey Environment Partnership is made of Surrey County Council and the 11 district and borough councils, the web page explains the steps we are taking to improve recycling rates across the county and tackle food waste. The web page contains helpful tips on how to recycle different items as well as information on how waste is processed locally. 

Recycling won’t be an easy task if done alone and will require a collective effort to make a positive impact for the planet. If we all made a conscious effort to recycle more and generate less waste, the collective impact could be huge. 

Posted on 14th March 2024

by Surrey County Council Greener Future Team