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Blog: Wetlands for wellbeing

World wetlands day is an environmental day that is about reaffirming protection and love for wetlands. Wetlands are water ecosystems that contain plant life and other organisms that bring ecological health to the environment.

Theme for this year

The theme for World Wetlands Day is wetlands and human wellbeing. This is because wetlands have been found to reduce negative thoughts, reduce stress levels and improve overall mental health.

Wetlands in Surrey

Surrey isn’t well known for having wetlands habitats, but Surrey does get some wetlands bird species that arrive in the spring. These bird species include Grebes, Bitterns, Shovelers and Egrets. Every spring there will be many wetlands birds that migrate to Britain whilst the native birds begin to breed.

Why wetlands are important

Wetlands are important because they protect us from extreme weather events such as floods and droughts and can help us recover from these disasters. They also help with people’s livelihoods around the world in providing food and water and hold most of our available fresh water by filtering pollutants with improves its quality.

Ways that you can get involved with World Wetlands Day

Below are a few things that you can do get involved in this day and make a positive impact:

• Visit a wetland – By visiting a wetland, you will be able to learn about how important it is to the ecosystem.

• Organize an event – You can participate in events or plan them that will focus on wetlands. These can be guided tours or clean-up activities. Here are a couple of event that you could be a part of Events | Surrey Wildlife Trust

• Support organisations – You can contribute to organisations that dedicate themselves to wetland preservation and restoration efforts such as the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust.

• Advocate for wetlands – Raising awareness about wetlands to friends and family or to your community.

If you’re interested in protecting wetlands beyond World Wetlands Day, this can be your chance! Make a pledge to protect and preserve wetlandsboth now and in the future.

Posted on 31st January 2024

by Surrey County Council Greener Future Team